Security Services

Scheme Security is able to supply virtually the full range of products and services available to the industry today and in the future, including but not limited to:

  • Physical Security guarding division
  • Alarming and monitoring armed response
  • Industrial guarding
  • Residential guarding
  • National key point guarding
  • 24- Hour response/patrol/roving vehicle within the area
  • Installation and monitor of CCTV cameras

The guarding division is run strictly according to the regulations and standards as set out by legislation and by the Private security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA)

SCHEME SECURITY and its employees are committed to and subscribe to the code of conduct for Security officers, with the ratings starting at Grade A through to Grade E. Additional information on request.
Management. All managers are available 24- hours .our management team is committed to the development and training of staff .we trains our employees to achieve our company objectives. Customer services are ranked high on our list. A 24-hour operational room is always operational . The control centre is in constant contact with the various roving vehicles and guard site.

Control room

The control room operates 24 hours with controllers , and is situated at our head office in addition to this it is equipped with cctv cameras which are monitored 24 hours and also a base radio is also used on site .

Equipment & uniforms for security

Scheme security services supplies the security officers with the following equipment from kit group company VAT number 463014157 and contact number 011 538 0000 fax number 011 538 0073/4/5.

  • Two way radio
  • Handcuffs
  • Whistle
  • Baton sticks
  • Battery touch
  • Bullet proof vest

All of the above are supplied were relevant

The companies possess the best looking uniform and high quality uniforms for its employees all security officers are dressed in full company uniforms at all times.

Our Objectives

  • To be a dependable security service provider
  • Risk analysis and investigation of losses and incidents
  • Creating employment for locals in the area
  • To involve communities in the fighting against crime
  • The establishment of a long term partner relationship
  • To empower previously disadvantaged individuals by transferring knowledge
  • Development of skills and expertise through education and on the job training
  • To design turn –keys solution to address clients needs.

Strategic intervention

Our service delivery method and approach includes:

  • Conducting a feasible study
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Employ of local labor
  • Recruitment of former MK members, former SANDF members and SDU members in the management and supervisory positions.

Our approach includes working together with saps and metro police. Our point entry includes getting the community involvement in the project so that they become the custodian of the process and we promote job creation through local labor.